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  1. kofinsoyameye

    Current or Target super smash debate

    This is an interesting and excellent thought, and it is in agreement with the Balanced Scorecard's principles. Dr. Kofi Nyamekye
  2. kofinsoyameye

    Implementation Steps (1&2)

    My only concern here is that we need to be "very careful" about the alignment of Business units' goals with the overall objectives of the enterprise. This is not a simple exercise. We can borrow the concepts from the DoD's Distributed Command and Control for coalition partners and non-governmental organizations for events -- e.g., humanitarian and disaster relieve efforts -- to address such an issue. Page 48, of "The Strategy Focused Organization, 2001", published by the Harvard Business School Press, gives a nice template that can be adapted to address the governance model for Step 1. Professor Robert S. Kaplan (from Harvard Business School) and Dr. David P. Norton (founder and director of the Palladium Group), are the authors of this book! Best Regards, Kofi Nyamekye, Ph.D.