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    How far is up?

    May be able to shed some light on implementation: BSI is sponsoring the first annual CIO summit Wednesday, April 8th in Reston, VA. This all day event will offer keynotes from the NIST Frame Work Project Manager Matt Barrett and Program Director of the BBG and member of the residents Task Force for Executive Order 13636. This is a free event open to the public and will include panel discussions and an implementation breakout session as well. You can see the agenda and register at www.bsiamerica/cio
  2. Cyber Man

    Understanding the Implementation Tiers

    The Tiers are actually maturity levels. NIST states that they are not, but in reality they are (sorry. If it looks like a duck.......). There are many tools that will facilitate your level and help you decide if you need to go further such as CMMI and ISO 21827. It does not have to be complicated, just thorough.
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    This would be great feedback for the NIST RFI just released. Hopefully you are going to contribute
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    Are the tiers a maturity model?

    I agree 100%. Tiers are a form of maturity. Where you are at now and where you need (or want) to be.