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  1. To secure data stored in the cloud

    Hello, There are some best ways to secure the data in cloud using Cybersecurity The first extra-security option comes in the form of a simple text message, and companies like Google and Microsoft have been offering it for a while. It involves sending a code to a consumer’s cellphone, and asking them to enter it along with their password. This second method relies on apps and is offered by firms like Duo and Authy. These apps offer an ever-changing series of numbers that serve as the extra step to go along with a consumer’s password. The app method is slightly more convenient because the user doesn’t have to wait for a text message, and crooks can’t compromise it by going through the phone company. The key method is extra-secure since it requires a user to prove they have a physical object before they can log-in from a strange computer—something that would be nearly impossible for a hacker to do. The key method can also be quicker since it doesn’t involve entering a code delivered to a phone. Hope this helps you, Thanks.