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To choose right CMS

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Hi, Frank!


I'm more of a process/policy person, so I don't know a lot about eCommerce platforms and went searching to learn more. I came across many sites, most of them ads for their particular platform, but I learned a lot from http://www.toptenreviews.com/business/internet/best-content-management-system-software/.


I wasn't so much interested in their particular reviews, but I wanted to see what they used to measure "Security" aspects of a CMS.  In your searching, some of those aspects might be useful in finding the right fit:

  • Can you manage privileges in a granular way so that, if something goes wrong, the bad guy doesn't get all the keys to the kingdom?
  • Does the CMS support well-established certificates and encryption models?
  • Does it provide ways to confirm that there's a real human on the other end, without being too intrusive?
  • Are there good logging & auditing methods to help you detect bad behavior, or at least understand what went wrong after an attack?

Hopefully others can chime in with more specific suggestions, but I think one of my next steps would be to find specific security requirements that could be included in the search.


Happy hunting!


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I'd suggest looking into the superlative Drupal architecture which is especially strong in the areas of integration and extensibility, or if you'd prefer check out an e-commerce platform that uses Drupal 7 as an underlying infrastructure: cloudnet360.com. The latter will save you a lot of development dollars!

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