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6th Cybersecurity Framework Workshop Announced

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NIST announced the 6th cybersecurity Framework Workshop. The official announcement is located here.   It is scheduled for Oct 29 - 30 in Tampa, FL.  This workshop will "gather input to help NIST understand stakeholder awareness of, and initial experiences with, the framework and related activities to support its use."  NIST is also preparing to issue an RFI soliciting feedback in these areas. The RFI responses will inform the workshop.


What information do you hope to hear about at the workshop?

Are there any specific tracks you would like to see hosted at the workshop?

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NIST-Stanford hosted an Executive Technical Workshop on Improving Cybersecurity and Consumer Privacy on February 12, 2015.  The workshop was conducted in coordination with the President's Cybersecurity Summit held at Stanford University on February 13, 2015 (today).  Per the NIST's website, "This workshop will convene a community of business leaders to discuss ways to realize cybersecurity best practices in real-world conditions. The workshop hosts hope these discussions will prioritize the community’s efforts to develop strong cybersecurity and privacy programs, and inform projects undertaken at NIST, Stanford, and the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence that will accelerate the deployment and use of secure, standards-based technologies in consumer-facing sectors."


This workshop was not the "7th workshop", as I understand it.  It's my understanding NIST is still providing 'run time' for the Cybersecurity Framework before scheduling the next Framework workshop.  During the 6th workshop it was made clear that industry wanted more time to use the Framework.  A 7th workshop likely won't be planned until enough community feedback is received to warrant one, but that's only my opinion.  While no workshop is planned at the moment, organizations and NIST are still working to share information regarding the Framework.  Two examples include:

  • Recently, Intel released their use case explaining how they used the Framework and providing others with examples for how the Framework can be used in their organization.  It offers a good perspective for how a large company was able to benefit from the Framework.  The Use Case is available at: https://blogs.mcafee.com/executive-perspectives/tried-nist-framework-works-2
  • Also, in conjunction with the anniversary of the Framework NIST posted a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list on their website.  The FAQs are another source of information for organizations to ranging from understanding the Framework basics to using the Framework.  The FAQ is located at: http://www.nist.gov/cyberframework/cybersecurity-framework-faqs.cfm

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