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Greg Witte

Introduction to using ISACA processes to apply the CSF

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I had a great time today introducing the CSF and ISACA in ISACA's Cybersecurity Exchange Webinar.


The recording is available at: http://www.isaca.org/Education/Online-Learning/Pages/Webinar-How-to-Implement-the-US-Cybersecurity-Framework-using-COBIT-5.aspx


Meanwhile, I took note of some of the questions, and I'll start some discussion topics on those fronts.


Thanks for everyone that took time out out their day to join us!!







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I am new to the CFORUM. I was trying to watch your presentation on ISACA processes to apply CSF. The link reply is the page cannot be found any longer. Is there any way I can obtain a link and or the presentation to review. I am just starting a contract position where I need to implement information security practice using CSF and any insight to using other processes would be helpful.




Don Wray

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