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  3. Steve Haugh

    Cloud security service

    Hi everyone, We are experts in delivering end-to-end mobile application development and deployment services to different clients. Such applications and websites are considered to be amongst the cheapest and perhaps the most effective advertising tools for any business venture. The electronic systems used in our company operates with all kinds of sensitive and confidential data. The flawed data security puts all the clients at risk, and as a consequence also the future of the business. So, the data security is vital to our venture. I have decided to hire a professional firm for managing cloud computing and security services at the earliest. Please help me find the right choice!
  4. LemuelO'Donnell

    Need a Good Home Security System

    Hi folks, I'm gonna need a good security system. Yesterday we had a break-in in the neighbourhood. And my wife is really scared now. Even if it's gonna cost a few bucks more, I will go for a more advanced security system. So that we can sleep well. I'm not much of a tech guy. But I'm gonna need a good high definition camera with night vision, sensors on all the entry points, a smart door lock for the main door and a damn load alarm. My house is quite big so I will need a system with good coverage. And of course, I need a mobile/tablet monitoring facility and a decent cloud storage. I know it's gonna cost well. But I'm ready to spend. Already did some research on this and found some cool options from a company that provides alarm security systems in Toronto. Though I would like to know your opinions before giving them money. What do you guys think?
  5. LemuelO'Donnell

    To secure data stored in the cloud

    It's really helpful. Thank you
  6. LemuelO'Donnell

    To secure WiFi network

    Yeah, same problem here David! Don't know what to do
  7. LemuelO'Donnell

    Tips for securing your work place

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this dude
  8. Break-ins are becoming very common and people are looking for more secured and safety options. Especially, when you run a business, you should be more responsible to the company, employees and their belongings. You should make sure that the company and the employees are safe there. Here are some business security systems tip for the businessmen for securing their property as well as the safety of the employees 1. Limit the entrance points with locks or access controls 2. Keep an electronic visitor management system to get the visitor’s accurate information and details 3. Hire a security guard for keeping your building secure 4. Make sure that the entry gate has proper locks and latches. 5. Install a security camera or CCTV
  9. dbarden

    A deeper look into the Framework

    Thank you to everyone. I am new at this site and can already tell its a cool place to share ideas. You have already given me a lot to think about and research. Thanks!
  10. World has been shocked by ransomware attack. Until today countries still pinned point to each other as nobody know who activate the virus. I'm attached security cum forensic agency and I'm a bot perplex with the Law & governed the Digital Forensics. The big question is why the culprits seemed to be always get away with the crime? Aren't the existing Law strong enough?
  11. Greg, I am new to the CFORUM. I was trying to watch your presentation on ISACA processes to apply CSF. The link reply is the page cannot be found any longer. Is there any way I can obtain a link and or the presentation to review. I am just starting a contract position where I need to implement information security practice using CSF and any insight to using other processes would be helpful. Respectfully, Don Wray
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