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  3. Janemart

    Home Alarm System

    Hi Friends, I am living in Toronto. I moved to a new house. Last week was my house warming. But there are still more improvements to be made. Home security is a great matter nowadays to give utter importance. As it is a new place for me and has only a few acquaintances there, I am highly worried about the safety of my family and my possessions. It will be better to have a high-security system with sensors and detectors in our home. When I discussed this matter with one of my friends, he suggested to me about a company that installs the high-security home alarm systems in the houses. I would like to know suggestions about the best home security systems services in Toronto. Please do share your suggestions here.
  4. CO poisoning causes over 300 deaths annually in North America! Now my friend is in the hospital because of CO poisoning, But he's all right now. But this made me think about installing a home alarm system with the CO sensor. I'm looking for an easy to operate and customizable one. Also, it should have good coverage and a loud alarm. Yesterday, my friend suggested an alarm monitoring system company in Vancouver. I'm going to call them soon. However, I don't know more about this. I heard that now wired and wireless systems are available, which one is better? I know the rate will change according to location and company. Though I would like to know the average cost.
  5. Beyond The Grave Virus infecting Hedge Funds A new virus named “Beyond The Grave” has surfaced. BYTG has been specially designed to alter data confidentiality of hedge funds. A large number of U.S. and international hedge funds were targeted. We know that the following companies have already been infected by the virus: Elliot Advisors Capital Fund Management AQR Citadel Baupost Group Marshall Wace BYTG will continue to attack banking and financial institutions. Palantir and FireEye are currently investigating the Beyond the Grave virus. More details to follow Screenshots of the attack: https://imgur.com/a/3yL5BFp
  6. Cybersecurity or information technology security is the protection of computer systems from theft or damage to their hardware, software or electronic data, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. We are at the fore of the cyber frontier, relentlessly continuing innovative solutions that give the world a secure place to experience, serve, and do business with well implemented cyber safety operations. With decades of mission intelligence linked with the most exceptional tools possible, we preserve businesses facing the attacks of today and equip them for the warnings of tomorrow.
  7. Hi I'm working in a small firm which deals with hardware designing. Our company became the victim of the cyber attack, and we had lost most of our data and a lot of money. All our designing processes have become pending, and we had to seek the help of another hardware designing company in Waterloo for completing our pending works. It was a great loss for us. We are now searching for good security solutions. This incident made us replace the security process of our company from top to bottom. Please do suggest some ideas for hiring a good security company. Also, I would appreciate suggestions on good cybersecurity companies.
  8. LemuelO'Donnell

    Security System Not Working

    Bought a security system from a security firm in Mississauga last month. The system consists of 10+ cameras placed all around the apartment for monitoring. The cams were working fine without any problems. However, when I checked yesterday, found that only half the cameras are working now. I think it has something to do with opening ports or something, but don't know exactly what to do. Then my friend suggested another home security system provider, that he knows. He said they are really good and reliable. But I think it's great if I can fix it without calling them and spending money. So, if you have knowledge of or have used security systems, please help me out by providing useful links. Yeah, I'm really bad at google search.
  9. Does CompTIA even realize what they are doing by comparing CISSP to CASP. Not only this, I could see Patrick Lane, Director, Product Management blogging about this comparison openly on CompTIA Blog. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/comptia-certs-better-than-isc2-really-noah-williams/
  10. Hey, Last day I noticed so many antivirus notification messages. I did not care much about it. But later I found some of them were fake messages. I clicked the "no" button but again they are repeating this. I am so feared if this affects my personal information. Is this is a symptom of being hacked? Do I need to consult this IT security services or is there is any measure to solve this by myself? Anyone here has faced similar issues like this before? Please be free to say your suggestions.
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