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Welcome to CForum

Welcome to CForum, the information hub for the cybersecurity framework!   As you may be aware, the framework was set into motion by Executive Order 13636 in February 2013. This order directed the Department of Commerce to direct the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to convene industry and come up with a common framework for identifying, assessing, and managing cybersecurity risk. Through a consultative process with critical infrastructure, industry, and government partners, NIST utilized a Request for Information, 5 national workshops, and a final Request for Comments to build the framework. A key component of that process was the dialogue that happened at the workshops between industry members and the government. This dialogue was critical to the success of the NIST process and the subsequent framework.   Now that the framework has been published, the dialogue needs to move toward framework alignment and best practices. This type of discussion is ongoing and dynamic and needs to be focused in one place; therefore, a different method of communication is needed. These forums serve as that central location and include topics such as: Framework 101; sector based adoption; next steps for the Framework; and many more topics being defined by the community. These forums include topics from a 101 section, a sector adoption section, and a board to discuss the next steps of the framework. CForum is the foundation upon which industry can build a better cybersecurity risk management platform.   To build that platform, there are many topics surrounding the framework that need to be addressed by the community. To that end, please engage with your industry partners in meaningful dialogue around the implementation of the framework at your organizations. Only by gathering lessons learned and best practices can we truly raise the cybersecurity bar. CForum represents an opportunity for each organization to make its voice heard and to contribute to the evolution of the framework.   We look forward to continuing the discussion! CForum Team



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